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It's such a luxury to be able to make time to pray, reflect and focus on my spiritual development. As a result, I feel more focused and peaceful once I've had time alone with God and I glide through the day a lot easier. I am more than certain that time alone also helps me become more aware of my state of mind and mental health. If you want to know what inspires me to pursue a thriving and balanced lifestyle then this section is for you. Sincere Manuscripts is about streamlining my purpose and focus and this is where I share my spiritual journey through practical, applicable, and even biblical wisdom.

Preparing for Marriage | THE QUESTIONS

Hey There,

I believe that asking questions is one of the most important ways to prepare for marriage. This is the best way of getting the full picture of flaws, expectations, visions and being able to give your marriage a good head start. You can ensure that all the foundational aspects are there and that you can handle the weight of the persons baggage (we all have them if you dig deep enough).

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Find THE ONE | The Single VISIONARY Pt 1

Dear Friend,

I wanted to deal with the topic of  'how to find your spouse' for a long time. There's alot out there on this topic (and that's great) so I really want to focus on an aspect that has been overlooked. I've noticed that - somewhere between dating and getting married - so many people have buried their visions or changed who they are to fit the marriage. The purpose of this blog is to prevent that from being the case for you 'singletone' out there! This will be in two parts and I have also done a vlog on YOUTUBE

This is just to make sure that you are COVERED on this topic! Haha! Here goes... 

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Developing a Self-Sufficient Faith

The question “What faith are you?” Or “what faith do you belong to?” Is a question we ask to identify what religion a person belongs to. If you were to ask me that question (I may squirm uncomfortably) and answer “Christian.” I am not ashamed of my faith but I think the tag christian can come with so many assumptions or stigmas.

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How to Pray

One of the things that gives me utmost clarity, strength and direction is having time alone, with God. No fancy language or rituals but sincere connection with my divine creator and friend. Not what you were expecting to hear right? Yeah, thought not... I think that most religious organisations (church included) can make it so complicated sometimes. However, I value and encourage prayer because of the results. Being a deep thinker also means that my mind can be so cluttered and overwhelmed so having time to leave it all behind and just be in a spiritual space with God is uplifting. You may not be religious but I'm sure that life can be overwhelming at times so I would definitely recommend taking time out to reflect and build yourself up. For those wondering, however, this is how I pray.

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Making Time for You

"I Can't cope!" is a phrase I've said so many times as tears have rolled down my face. Becoming a wife, mother, moving house and becoming a business woman within the space of 3 years got so overwhelming that I just wanted to run. I didn't feel like I as doing a good job and I felt like I was letting everyone down. Some of how I felt was due to post natal depression but parts of it was due to a fundamental problem that I had been overlooking at the time. I simply was not taking care of myself. I most certainly would have responded with a guilt-ridden rebuttal if someone had highlighted this issue to me at the time. However, as time went by the struggle to maintain balance intensified and I was becoming more and more overwhelmed.

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