Hey there, Thanks for checking in! I'm Sal and I am a wife, mum to a little brainbox and a lover of apple pie! Haha! I am a youtuber, blogger and now an author!

I have a multitude of hobbies so I won't overwhelm you with them all but here are a few. Here goes... *taking a deep breath* I love to write, walk, watch movies, shop, jog, bounce, sing, songwrite, cook, talk, read and sing in the shower! I am most content to sit on my sofa with my husband and watch a movie in my onesie. If you want to know any more about me, I liberally share on here and on my social networking channels so get in touch! (links on the main page)

I Dream of YSS

Ever since I was a little girl I have been a dreamer. I used to dream so much that I would get told off for it. Eventually, I even told myself off  for it and desperately attempted to fit into the expectations that (I assumed) others had of me. Then I realised that those dreams were 'seeds' of ideas/vision that GOD has given to me. I stopped listening to all the voices that told me that dreaming was unrealistic. As a result of silencing the voices of fear and doubt, I was able to focus on making my dreams a reality. My loved ones also played a major part in encouraging me to pursue the things that I was once afraid to do and YSS was one of those things!

Today my friend, you are looking at something I have wanted to do for years and after trying everything else and being unhappy, I have chosen to take the plunge. YSS is a way of allowing my lifestyle, creativity, inspirations, style and ambitions to inspire yours.

May you also dream when others say it's unrealistic. May you also live without reservations and be truly amazed at what you achieve in your fearless decision to water the seeds that lie within you. This website is not just about me, it's about your journey too so I hope that everything that I share will encourage you to excel in all the things that your heart desires.

„Let us step beyond the limitations that fear presents and be powerful beyond measure as a result.“

- Yours sincerely sal -