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True beauty from the inside out. 

I just love beautifying myself and there's nothing more liberating that expressing my mood, vibe and style through makeup. It may surprise some of you that this yummy mummy loves to glam it up every now and then. I would love to use this space as an opportunity to promote a healthy perspective of what beauty is and great ways to compliment it. Like I've said before, I'm no expert but I know a thing or two and it's a great space to empower others to appreciate the beauty that they have been born with. I am more than certain that nothing will shine brighter than self-confidence, self-appreciation and self love. True beauty shines from the inside out. So I am passionate about promoting self-care before products (although there is definitely a place for a good product). However, let's be trailblazers in embracing the beauty that comes from within and build from there. As with fashion segment of this sight, I will not hesitate to let you know when a product or procedure will not benefit and enhance your beauty as it is my nature to be sincere. It is my hope that this will be a place where we can exchange, develop and grow together. So let's move onwards and upwards!


Make Up On The Go!

I have five make up products that I can't do without (if I'm in a rush but want to glam up). I will give you the products and the problem areas that they solve instantly. So first is this sleek eyebrow kit which is awesome for getting fuller looking eyebrows - fast! I literally have teeny weeny eyebrows and I love making them look fuller and creating more definition by using sleek makeup kit to shape my eyebrows.

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Beauty Redefined

I will joyfully share the products that I love using but I want to set a foundation first. With this vlog should come a picture of me without makeup or my hair done. This is me in my 'everyday glory', no glam, no glitz just that natural God given ebony glow. There were points in my late teens and early twenties where I would not be seen dead like this. I, like many other people (I'm sure) allowed makeup to define me. I've spoken about my insecurities growing up but I never spoke about the struggle and the journey it took to get me to this point. Now don't get me wrong I still love my makeup but I'm no longer defined by my makeup.

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My Liz Earle Update

I gave a unsponsored and unaffiliated review on some beautiful Liz Earle products a while back and I thought it would be good to keep you posted with how I'm getting on. I still love the smell of the products and the packaging is amazing but fundamentally that's not why we purchase such products. The key purpose of purchase is because of 'what it says on the tin'. The key question is 'does it do what it says on the tin?' I managed to stick to a routine using them for a few weeks after the YouTube vlog but slipped out of routine. I think that I would have been motivated to use them more if I had seen more of a drastic change in skin appearance and comditions then I would have been more 'loyal' to the brand but 'I'm neither here nor there' to be honest.

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