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The quest for balance. 

Let's face it, we all have to juggle something and it's not easy trying to strike a balance between surviving, thriving, giving, loving and the like. Personally speaking, I am a unique version of the modern day woman trying to juggle the crucial roles of motherhood, being a wife, work, being a friend, vlogging and now blogging. Sometimes I juggle all these things with tears in my eyes but, little by little, my quest to find balance is succeeding. However, the journey has just begun and I am so excited to take this journey with you! In this segment of YSS website I will share my passions, success, laughter, joy and failure through my experiences and even the experiences of others who want to contribute. The aim is to make a difference to your life and to inspire you to find balance also, so if your life improves as a result of 'Sincere Lifestyle' then I really couldn't ask for more.

5 Things A Bossmom Should Never Compromise 

Dear friend,

Thank you for checking in. Here are some invaluable notes that I have held close to my heart but know they will be golden nuggets for anyone working towards a fulfilling and productive life. Here are five principles I live by to succeed and things I would NEVER shortchange myself of;

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Funny Money & Me

Money is as taboo as sex. It’s like a naughty little word that should never be spoken about. Don’t believe me? How much do you make? See, I can feel your disdain from my computer! How dare I ask you about your MONEY right?! That’s exactly my point.

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Why we are ‘Our Brother’s Keeper’

I sat down with a dear friend recently and they told me that it was becoming more and more popular for people to need counsellors. They highlighted that social media is so integrated into our way of life that we no longer look to ‘reach out’ and communicate with each other.

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5 Things I am Keeping in 2018

At this time of year I notice that there is all these posts going around social media about changing things. It gets into our system that it is a new season (new year) and that it is time to make a fresh start. ‘New year, new me’ right? Well it’s all well and good making all these changes but what was so well and good about 2017 that we should hang onto in 2018. Let’s do a countdown:

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She sat across the table from me and said “I told my father not to treat me like one of his girlfriends.” The sentence hit me like a slap in the face. I was singing from the same songbook and for the purpose of this blog I’m going to call it the ‘rolling stone papa blues’ song. I don’t know what the melody would sound like so don’t ask but the emotion it evoked was exactly the same. Rejection. There are so many women I know that had non-committal fathers, but who needs a dad right? The mothers will still be there and I’m sure will do an excellent job by themselves. That’s until their beautiful daughters grow up and ask themselves “what did I do wrong?” Of course, I didn’t ask myself that question but I did wonder why dad wasn’t completely ‘present’ in more than one sense of the word.

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